Sunday, October 1st: CrossFIt Kids

Every Sunday 2:00PM-2:40PM

We cannot wait to get this program started! CrossFit Kids is based on the principle of mechanics, consistency and then intensity, emphasizing good movement trough childhood and adolescence. CrossFit Kids is meant to be fun for all ages! Email to sign up your children up. 

Price: $40.00+tax per month per child ** To note: Our family membership option is capped at $320.00+tax per month. So if you are already on 12 months couples plan ($280.00) and have multiple children attending CrossFit Kids you will only be charged an additional $40.00+tax.  Again we will be billing those who have signed up their children according to your info on file by Wednesday, September 27th.  If you would like to use another method of payment please do so prior to this date.**